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Need to Create Video From Photos?

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/ziSzilQLSOM 

Turning your photos into a fascinating video has never been so easy! Now you can create a video from your favorite photos and music. Content creators, marketers, and ordinary people can generate professional-looking slideshows. If you wonder how to make a video from pictures, read the article and find three easy methods! 

#1 Use the Power of Google Photos 

The first easy way to create a stunning slideshow is using Google Photos. With this tool, you can easily create a video with photos on your computer or smartphone. Follow this simple guide to do that effectively. 

You can automatically back up photos from your device to Google Photos. It is a safe platform for keeping your visual materials in one place. Users can explore on the platform their activities, categories, and creations. It’s possible to create movies, collages, and animations on Google Photos.

So in order to make a video with pictures on your computer, you have to visit the site and sign in to your Google Account. Then you have to choose the Assistant option and click the Movie option. Now you select a movie theme, your photos, and have your video done.

Android and iPhone users can also easily generate stunning videos with Google Photos. They should install the app and sign in to their Google Account. It’s also needed to select the Assistant option and Movie. Choose photos, add title and music and save your incredible video. 

#2 Make a Video from Photos Online

There are many great tools to convert your photos into a video online. It is a good solution if you do not have much space on your device and need a slideshow fast. These online tools may require you to sign in with your Google Account or Facebook. There are paid programs with a trial period or free tools. But if you want to generate decent video content be ready to pay for high quality and security. 

When creating a video with photos, you can choose from a variety of video templates. You should select pictures from your device and upload them to the editing tool. Then edit the video using different features, add music, animation, text, and more. Preview the video, and then save it to your device or share it via social media. 

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/zGQ8SMLrlRs 

#3 Utilize Software for Making Slideshows

You can use a slideshow for your personal and professional life, for instance, in video marketing. With the appropriate software, your video-creating process will be fun and easy. Consider that you should have enough space on your device so that the program runs fast. In such a way, you can create videos in any place, even without an Internet connection. 

Choosing the right software, pay attention if it suits your operating system and budget. Free visions may be limited in editing functions. Good software is fast and easy to use. It has plenty of effects, transitions, filters, and templates and allows you to add music and text to the video. Some even have libraries with pictures and music. 

The working principle of slideshow-making software is similar: you download the program, choose photos, edit the video (add filters, animated transitions, subtitles, and music), and save it in the needed format to your device or Google Drive. 


It’s time to create amazing videos with your pictures and share them with the world. You know several ways to make a slideshow and engage viewers. Use different tools, experiment, and be creative, and the audience will appreciate your sincerity and talent. We wish you good luck and hope this article helped you learn video making easily.